Pictures of Moosen - my adventures at the Tower Rock Lodge in Soldotna

Saturday, June 04, 2005


I’ll start simply by saying that the trip was awesome, and though I should leave it at that, the fact that you’ve found this blog means you know I won’t. The pictures included here won’t do it justice. My re-telling of anecdotes might make you laugh, but unless you are as drunk as I was, there’s no way you’ll find them as funny. I can show you a clip of a wild bear, but even if you do pee yourself in fear/excitement, it won’t be as much as John and Louis did.

If you’ve found this site by accident, my normal blog is, where my sister et al have been guest blogging for me this past week.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I suggest you follow the links at the bottom of each post, so it’ll take you through each day of pictures automatically and won’t burn up your processor since I think these are pretty demanding, size-wise. Feel free to leave comments, and please make sure to visit the Tower Rock Lodge web site when you get a chance.

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